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The Only Piece Of Gym Equipment You Really Need...Well, not really (but sort of)

We often get asked, what’s the best way to stay in shape on the go? Many of our members travel quite a bit and it can be tough to find a gym in every city and many hotel gym offerings are subpar. So how do you stay in shape while on the road without packing your entire home gym into your suitcase? The answer is simple, a jump rope.

The jump rope is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment out there and can serve as the perfect tool to keep your fitness in check while you’re on the go. Small enough to fit in your carry-on and in-expensive enough that it won’t break the bank, the jump rope is the perfect workout accessory to bring with you whether you’re vacationing in the tropics or on a quick business trip in the next state over.

Keep reading to learn more about which jump rope is best for your skills and abilities and some at home jump rope workouts you can do.

Jump Ropes:

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Speed: Varies depending on cable weight


The Original Rx Jump Rope by Rx Smart gear is the perfect rope for any athlete as they progress through the learning process of double unders. The rope comes with the option to select from four different cable weights ranging from beginner to advanced +. As athletes grow and progress in their double unders, it’s easy to change out the cable to match your skill and ability level.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Speed: The cable on this rope is the same as the “Buff 3.4” cable on the Original Rx rope above. It’s a bit heavier, but great for those learning double unders


The Rapid Fit rope by Rx Smart Gear is perfect for working out with friends. The rope easily adjusts to fit whatever height you choose and the heavier cable is great for those just starting to get double unders.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Speed: Medium - Fast


The Froning Speed Rope by Rogue was developed by Rich Froning himself and is the perfect all around jump rope for intermediate to advanced jumpers. The Froning handles are light, but not so small that they slip out of your hands. The coated cable is excellent and keeps the rope from fraying. This rope is not as fast as the hyper speed cables from companies like RPM or Rx Smart gear, but is a great rope overall.

Level: Advanced

Speed: Fast


The Session 4.0 is the classic jump rope from RPM and is designed for fast double unders (and triple unders if you’ve got them!). The smaller handles are perfect for those who prefer them and RPM gives you the option to keep the cable uncoated if you so dare.

Level: Advanced

Speed: Very Fast


One of the fastest and precise jump ropes on the market, the EVO jump rope lives up to its name (Extreme Velocity Optimized). The handles are ergonomically designed to fit right in your hand and the uncoated cable spins fast (we mean very fast). To sum it up, this jump rope is the Ferrari of jump ropes and is perfect for the advanced jumper looking for that extra edge in the workout.

At Home Jump Rope Workouts:

Many of these workouts contain double unders, but remember, you can always scale by reducing the number of double unders or by switching to single unders.

Flight Simulator


Unbroken* Double Unders

*Every time you break, you must restart the set.



Double Unders



8 Rounds

20 seconds of work

10 seconds of rest

Double Unders*

*See if you can go unbroken all 8 sets

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