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Easy Cold Brew Coffee

As we have said before, coffee can be very good for you & has a significant number of benefits for our bodies. To name a few:


1. High in Antioxidants⠀

2. Improves physical performance⠀

3. Contributes to proper liver health⠀

4. Increases blood flow to the brain for better cognitive function⠀

5. Contains anti-cancer properties⠀

6. Can help boost metabolism⠀

7. Promotes heart health⠀

(Cold brew can also be less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee.)⠀


Buying coffee from your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can out can get expensive, especially during the summer months when all the shops are serving their specialty cold brew…⠀

So here’s how to make your own at a fraction of the cost:⠀


1. Grind your coffee. ⠀

Any type of coffee will work but generally the better quality beans you use, the better the brew. When grinding your beans, chose a ‘coarse grind’ to bring out the best flavor. Most coffee shops and some grocery stores can do this for you if you don’t have a grinder.⠀


2. Stir the ground coffee and water together. ⠀

Next, fill up your cold brew vessel of choice with your ground coffee using four times the amount of water to coffee. So if you want 10 ounces of coffee in the morning, then you need 40 ounces of water. There are containers made especially for making cold brew. But you can just use a French press with a built-in filter or a mason jar will also do the trick. Then add cold water directly to the grounds. ⠀⠀⠀

3. Pop it into the fridge and let it brew. ⠀

Put your vessel filled with grounds and water into the refrigerator. 16-18 hours is usually the sweet spot.⠀


4. Strain it in the morning. ⠀

Once you roll out of bed in the morning, use a fine mesh strainer to strain your coffee. If you’re using a French press, then the filter will be built-in. ⠀


5. Dilute it with water. ⠀

This recipe is for a cold brew concentrate, which means that the flavor is will be very intense. You definitely need to add water or milk to dilute it. Try mixing equal parts concentrate and water.

Let us know how your cold brew came out by tagging @invictusboston on Instagram.

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