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Tia Sapienza



I grew up in the suburbs just south of Boston and spent the majority of my life playing competitive softball. After wrapping up my college softball career, I found CrossFit and haven’t looked back. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my professional career working in physical therapy at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I have a Black Lab/Great Dane named Wilson and I love visiting my friends in Hawaii.

Meet Coach Tia

When did you start coaching?

Why Invictus Boston?

Favorite Workout?

I started coaching CrossFit in 2012. I have coached adult class since then, but over the last 4 years I have developed a program for teen and pre-teen girls that has now grown to 200 athletes. I spent a year as an NCAA Strength and Conditioning coach, working with softball, track & field, and cross country athletes. I also spend my spring seasons coaching high school softball.

The staff! Getting to work alongside a staff who is extremely knowledgeable, talented, and who value the desire to constantly improve and learn is what drew me to Invictus Boston.

Anything with double unders, box jumps, or cleans!

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