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Mia SCholes



I originally started Crossfit because my mom bought us a free month in an auction after I came home from my freshman year of college super out of shape (and I didn't find out that it was an intentional ploy to get me to work out until this year - look at me now mom!) Beyond CF, I grew up in Idaho and moved here for school six years ago, am currently getting a masters in Transportation Engineering (ask me for fun facts about our streets!) and love any excuse to use my fitness outdoors.

Meet Coach

When did you start coaching?

Why Invictus Boston?

Favorite Workout?

After being a member at Invictus for four years I went through the internship process and got my L1 and started coaching in 2021.

Everyone here - staff AND members - really cares about learning, growing, and using challenges in the gym to get better at facing challenges in the real world. Getting to know this community and help along their journeys is incredibly rewarding.

Holleyman! Heavy power cleans and HSPU (and wallballs too, I guess)

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