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Matt Freda



Although originally from the greater Boston area, I enlisted in the Navy right after high school and was based in San Diego and Bahrain for 7.5 years. Now I am back in Boston for school to pursue a B.S. in Exercise Science and eventually a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have a CF-L1 and am CPR /AED certified. Ironically, I have the most unathletic Australian Shepard named Leo.

Meet Coach Matt

When did you start coaching?

Why Invictus Boston?

Favorite Workout?

I started off as an admin but quickly jumped at the opportunity to intern and eventually coach starting in July 2019

When I was living in San Diego I was a member at Invictus SD so it seemed like the perfect fit to join Invictus Boston when I moved back. The coaching, level of care, and community at all Invictus locations are the best.

Anything short and sprinty preferably with high skilled gymnastics

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