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Kiefer Lammi



I received my degree in Exercise Science from UCONN in 2013 where I walked-on and competed as a member of the Men's basketball team for 2 years and did NOT win a National Championship ring (Yes, I'm still bitter about it). I've competed in and coached athletes for Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting and even had a short stint where I thought I was into Spartan races and running, but then I came to my senses.

Meet Coach kiefer

When did you start coaching?

Why Invictus Boston?

Favorite Workout?

I began coaching my senior year of College when I interned with the Varsity soccer and basketball teams and since then have managed and coached in facilities with clientele ranging from everyday gym goers to professional athletes.

The people! From the staff to the clientele, everyone in the community has been warm and welcoming since the first day I came in.

1RM Testing : )

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