Strength & Conditioning

Injury Prevention

Speed & Agility

Nutrition Guidance

This summer strength and conditioning program is geared towards developing the athletic potential in each student athlete. The training systems will focus on building a stronger and faster athlete who is more resilient towards injuries on the field. We take pride in keeping our athletes healthy, while enhancing their performance in their given sport.


Our priority is to teach our athletes proper technique in the weight room while also teaching them how to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, jump, land and run more efficiently. The program can be catered to athletes of all levels, no prior training is required to start!


In addition to the strength and conditioning program, a nutritional component will be included to educate the athletes on the basics of taking care of and fueling their body. This combination will ensure the long term success in their sport as well as everyday life.

Program Details:

June 7th to August 27th

36 total sessions

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 7am & 3pm

7am class time starts June 21st***

90 minute sessions

Ages 15 and older

15 athletes per class


Kyle Thebado

As a former college baseball player, Kyle has learned the importance of being a strong leader—one who can bring patience and compassion to all areas of life. This is a lesson he brings to each and every one of his training sessions.

He has worked with a variety of athletes at all levels and sports. From team sports such as football, baseball and volleyball to more  individual sport athletes such as swimming, track and powerlifting. 

Kyle is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting Sports Coach, USA Powerlifting Club Coach and is currently finishing his Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. 


  • Access to 3 classes per week for the whole summer

  • Access to 2 additional training days as "homework"

  • Nutritional component included

  • One time payment



  • Access to 3 classes per week

  • Access to 2 additional training days as "homework"

  • Nutritional component included

  • Auto Renews Monthly unless cancelled in writing

  • Prorated to athlete's start date

$225/10 classes


  • Good for 10 Athletic Performance classes

  • Unused classes expire in 90 days

  • One-time payment (does NOT renew)



  • Join us for one strength and conditioning class

CrossFit ONE Nation Cancellation Policy 

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