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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Good evening ONE Nation!

As you’ve all seen, we are moving to a virtual space for the coming two weeks. In doing so, there will be some bumps in the road but we are certain we will have a great experience regardless. The question on all of your minds; how will I stay in shape? Well, we have great news! Through the virtual setting we are going to provide you with a host of options.

1) At home and limited equipment programming (as you’ve seen via Facebook) with coaches tips, tricks and scaling options from the coaches. Each night you will receive a PDF with all of this. You can also check our blog for the “no equipment option”.

2) Online classes for the above programming allowing you to interact and stay connected as a team. The schedule will be posted below.

3) Weekly challenges and nutrition content to ignite some competition and keep you on track

4) Some fun extras from our staff!

Additionally, we are working out how to rent small equipment to those of you who need and desire it. This will give you an opportunity to provide some added variance and fun to your at-home workouts. We will post more details tomorrow, March 16th as we gain a better count of equipment. The rentals will happen on Tuesday the 17th, so stay posted on Facebook! ZOOM Class Schedule:

Weekdays- 7:30am 12:00pm 5:30pm

Weekends- 12:00pm How to log into ZOOM Classes: 1) Download the ZOOM app to your device well before you intend to join 2) Click the following link ID five minutes before class starts:

3) Password: onenation 4) Send it with the crew!

*Please note: you are automatically muted upon arrival to the call. This will allow the coach to be in command and the chaos to start at a minimum. We will work with this as we go!

**Pro-tip: set-up your own music prior to starting. If you are a semi-pro DJ, please share your playlist in the comments below. As you all know, we always look for the positives. This situation is far from perfect but we are going to work tirelessly to ensure it remains a premier experience for all. Please reach out to us with any questions!

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