Sunday - 15Mar2020

Needham 8:30am crew!

One Nation - we have a few updates that we'd like to pass on to you at this time:

1. Our gyms are open for business as usual. Our weekday schedule will remain the same.

2. We have a temporary new weekend schedule, in an effort to manage class sizes, and optimize our community’s time in the gym:

  • Saturday adult classes remain the same, at 8am and 9am in all locations.

  • Sunday Open Gym is cancelled.

  • We are adding Sunday classes in all facilities. Needham and Boston will run classes at 8am, 9am, and 10am. Waltham will run classes at 9am and 10am.

  • All weekend kids' classes are cancelled.

3. We are asking that members participate in class ONLY from Saturday March 14th onwards. This means extra work and aux work is a no go.

We will continue to communicate with our community through the blog, Facebook and at the white board before classes. Please reach out to JC, Jill, Lachlan, or your facility head with any questions!

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