Saturday - 21Mar2020

Zac from Needham!
  • Team, be sure to comment or tag us with pics/videos on social media @crossfit_one_nation

  • Post times, at home scaling options, and friendly banter in the comment section below!

  • Extra credit work below!

"Ginger Ninja Afterbash"

Second Session:

AMRAP 12:00

5 Overhead Squat*

10 box jumps

15 KB Swings*

*use any object you can overhead squat or swing

At Home Version:

AMRAP 12:00

5 odd object overhead squats*

10 tuck jumps

15 odd object swings/good mornings

*use any object you can hold overhead, single or double arm

Accessory Work:

For Quality:

5 sets

15 DB/KB floor press

15 DB/KB bent over row

30 hollow rocks

"Bahston Sam"

For Time:

100 Jumping Lunges

*start each minute, including the first minute with 10 air squats.

8 minute time cap.

*Has to be read out loud with a Boston accent*

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